As in most things, you get what you pay for in audio recording. The price of equipment has dropped so much in recent years that almost anyone can say they "do recording". In reality, the skills, knowledge and ears of your recording engineer are what determine the quality of your final product. Standing Wave Music provides expert recording and engineering at a reasonable fee. Ultimately, what you want is a recording to be proud of years from now. You get that at Standing Wave.

Studio session hourly rate - $60/hour

This rate covers all activities that occur while you are in the studio. Activities might include setting up equipment, recording tracks, arranging songs, establishing rough mixes, or auditioning tracks to determine the "best takes". This rate also covers video recording as an optional service during studio sessions.

Between-session hourly rate - $30/hour

Often, work on your project is best performed by Standing Wave between sessions. Between-session work is a win-win because it provides you with a reduced price for work that doesn't require your presence, and it provides the recording engineer flexibility and time to focus on your project. Between-session activities might include audio editing, drum programming, song arrangement, equalization, selection of effects, mixing, and mastering.

Photo/video projects - $150/video minute

The length of your video is what determines cost in this case. Bring in your photos, video footage, music choices, and titles, and Standing Wave will craft them into a movie length you specify. The price includes two DVD's in plastic slimline cases with a cover insert made from one of your photo images.

Things that may influence your project time and cost