Singer/songwriters come to Standing Wave Music to record their songs, document their craft and make their music available to the widest possible audience.  In some cases that might mean sharing a few recorded songs on CD with your friends and family.  In other cases, it means fully producing a radio-ready demo in order to make an impression on the music industry.  Standing Wave will help you create the product that best meets your needs. We can even help you develop a song structure around lyrics you’ve written.  Here are some samples for your enjoyment.

Standing Wave Music is a great resource for music schools.  When students and teachers need quality demo recordings for personal use, competitions, or to support applications into more advanced programs, Standing Wave is ready to help.  The studio is equipped with an 88-key digital piano and a Yamaha Motif rack-mounted module with plenty of pristine piano options to choose from.  Accompanists have been very happy with the results. Standing Wave Music can also come to your school or venue to record recitals, class performances, and programs.  Standing Wave can even provide musical soundscapes for video projects. 

Spoken voice projects can take many forms, including:

  • audio books.
  • radio spots
  • voice overs
  • poetry
  • guided meditations
  • video games
  • karaoke vocals
  • Power Point presentations
  • hip hop over pre-recorded beats

Standing Wave is ideally suited for these kinds of projects.  Vocal talent can be arranged, when necessary, along with additional background music and/or soundscapes. Give a listen to some examples of spoken voice projects recorded here at Standing Wave.

Bands and music groups come to Standing Wave Music to capture their best performances for demos and CDs. They can record live in the studio, but most often bands choose to build their songs track by track.  A common approach is for the drummer and bass player to record a rough version of the song.  Then each musician, one-by-one adds their parts until the entire song is fully recorded.  In a digital studio, it is not unusual to record over 40 tracks for a  single song.  It’s truly a digital playground! Listen to some samples recorded here at Standing Wave Music.